5 Cars to Completely Avoid in 2017

Are you a fan of super cars? Do you want to buy the latest luxury and premium cars that can race through the road at amazing speeds? If you are not aware of the supercar launches in 2017, then you should probably have a look at those first. There are many cars that have been already launched in the beginning this year and there are some that are yet to be launched. Such a situation is enough to interfere between your choices. From ford to Chevrolet, Tesla to Jaguar, every single automobile manufacturer is offering a set of choices which are separate from those offered by another. Which one to go for? This question comes to mind, especially when you have no idea about your specific requirements. Well, today we have gathered information on the cars that you should completely avoid buying in 2017. Even you can get better options as an alternative.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

No doubt the Alfa Romeo Guilia looks great but there are some important reasons that we have listed this car in our list. Considering media news, the car could not make a better comeback and performance issues is one of the main reasons that you should not go for the car. But still, if you have this car on you mind, you will need to wait for at least a year to have the upgraded and improved version.

W Motors Lykan Hypersport

The new entrant into the high speed sport cars sector is the Dubai based W motors. Not much is known about the company in the professional racing circuit other than the fact that the car of the company has been featured in the famous racing film Furious 7. So, think twice before you plan to buy this car.

Zenvo TS 1

The car replaces the famous Zenvo ST1. However, it is nothing but a fancier upgrade of the old car. In short, it is old wine in new bottle. The 5.9 L engine can drive the car at amazing speeds. You can buy this car only if you are a fan of the previous model. The car can break 375km/h mark. Make sure you are equipped to drive the car at high speeds.

Lincoln Navigator

America’s best SUV Lincoln Navigator’s current version has nothing special but a minor facelifts to attract more buyers. Unfortunately, this really did not work for the car and the competitor models still outsell the car. There are rumors that the company Is planning to introduce more upgrades in the 2018 model. Lets see if it impresses the customers or not.

Mitsubishi Lancer

Since Mitsubishi launched Lancer in 2008, the car created a huge buzz among motoring enthusiasts for its design and performance. With so many options available in the same range as lancer, the car looks outdated even with the recent upgrades. If you have Lancer on your mind this year, we recommend to have a look at the other available options as well to save you from the feeling of an old school guy in a decade old car. If you’re a first time buyer and not sure about the things you should know as a first time car buyer then you should definitely watch the following video with Vehicle Virgin youtube channel.


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