History of Supercars: An Overview

While learning about the supercars, the very first thing that we must know is what exactly a supercar is. Supercars are powerful machines resulted by continuous automotive innovations that took place time to time and era to era. What our generation have today is the result of efforts made by motoring enthusiasts before welcoming the 21st century. Today they are super packed with performance, speed, luxury and class. Have you ever wondered “How it would have been possible without the history?” Today’s post is all about that. We’re going to focus on history of supercars.

Purpose of Supercars in the Early 90s

Supercars were especially designed to meet certain special requirements, varying from time to time and from one need to another. However, mostly it was only the speed and performance of the car that was taken into consideration.

The first supercar on this world was designed in the year 1909. The car was name “Blitzen Benz” and it held the

record of being the fastest car on the planet from 1909 to 1919. Although this was the starting of the whole new phase of the supercars, but the best ones were yet to come, as the cars evolved through ages.

The term supercar was for the first time given to a car in the year 1920, in an advertisement on the well-known Times magazine. Ever since then, these cars are categorised by this very popular name. The way

that one can categorise a car as a supercar is quite simple. A car having limited edition, a standard look but is customised to give the most in terms of performance and power. That’s all the way that you can spot a supercar from the ordinary ones. Now let’s have a look on what evolved in supercars time to time.

1940 – 1959

The first supercar held everyone by surprise with its amazing speed of 142 mph back in those years. This was the beginning of a revolution in the world of automobile industry. The use of the supercars formally started in the 40’s when the world was looking forward to the racing cars and people
had started loving the lightning fast sport. It was back then that the names like Ferrari, Jaguar, Lotus and Porsche became popular names. Along with the popularity of the sports, the popularity of the cars also started increasing. Mercedes 300SL ‘Gull Wing’, which was released in the year 1954, is considered to be one of the all-time classics of the sports
. The speed of this car was about 165mph, which was way ahead of the Chevrolet Corvette, which was able to hit only 60mph under 6 seconds.

1960 – 1979

A lot has happened in these two decades. The entire super cars concept got a makeover in these years. In the year 1961, Jaguar came up with a historic model that shook the entire world with the E-type. One of the most reputed car companies of recent days, Ferrari then created the most sought after classic of all time, the 250 GTO. The car had a top speed of 160 mph. The next in line was another well-known company of recent days, Lamborghini. It was in the year 1964 that Lamborghini entered the race. Next to enter in this competition was ISO, who entered the fray with Grifo and TVR. After being put down by Ferrari and Ford, (who also wanted to buy ISO), went on to produce their own range of cars. GT40 came into existence in the year 1965, which was the produce of Ford. Ford then had to meet regulations and for the same, they went on to produce a lot of ‘road legal’ versions of the GT40. Thus, this was the first time that a supercar plied on the roads.

Another car that came into existence in 1965 was the l AC Cobra 427. This car was designed and produced by Caroll Shelby. After the year 1965, there were many other cars that made headlines from time to time. Some of the best cars that were then popular are 165mph Ferrari 275GTB, the 7 litre Corvette Sting Ray by Ferrari in the year 1966, Lamborghini Miura. The next in line was Ghibli produced by Maserati then came the Ferrari with 365 GTB ‘Daytona’ in the year 1968.  Ferrari 365 BB and the Lamborghini Countach LP400 were the two cars that have been a complete wonder to the people of the entire world.  Porsche 911 Turbo marked its presence in the very next years after 1968 and became a head turner. The Panther 6 in 1977 was also highly appreciated by one and all for their performance packed supercar.

1980 – 1999

Turbo Esprit was the next entrant to the world of supercars. The competition became even more profound in the same year with the 192 mph
. This car from the 1980’s has been one of the most prominent ones for many of the supercar lovers. However, although there were many cars that kept coming to the industry from time to time, but the fiercest competition in the 1980’s was between the two giants, Ferrari and Lamborghini. After the 1980’s the competition between sports car manufacturing companies became usual to bring out the fastest supercars to the world and the competition is quite prominent even today.

The supercars have evolved way too fast in the next century. The main reason that has led to the great change in the evolution of supercars is the fact that a lot of time, money and constant research have been spent on them. The car companies these days spend millions of rupees to design a supercar to meet the today’s motorist’s desires. We hope that in the days to come, the supercars will evolve even more to keep up with the growing competition.