Things You Need to Know While Buying a Second Hand Sports Car

Considering a second hand sports car is a good idea, especially for individuals looking for a performance packed machine within their budget. A used car costs about half the price of a new car and in most cases second owners are satisfied with their purchase. Also, it’s a good option for those who are simply learning driving and want to enhance their sports car driving skills (driving a supercar is crazy as hell and you know that). Once you’re a perfect you can sell it again (or not id you want) with just a little depreciation and purchase the new one.

But, as a coin has two sides, you should be aware of the few things in order to save your money from getting wasted on something which has no value. When you plan to go for a used sports car, there is no surety that you will get exactly what you want.

Here are the things that you should keep in your mind while purchasing a used sports car.

Who Should You Buy From? Seller or Dealer?

Many of you may have this question in mind. Well,, to answer,..both options have merits and demerits. While you buy a car from dealer, he takes care of all the documentations and minor fixes to make sure you buy it without spending more of your time. Only thing you have to do is to verify that he has the car on his name. But in that case you may usually be charged a big amount including the incentive of dealer.

On the other hand, buying your car directly from the owner saves you a lot of money. After getting it evaluated from the mechanic, you can make your choice. The decision is yours to decide. “Which one is your cup of tea?”

The Paint Job, Rust, Dents and Scratches:

First impression is not always the last impression. Don’t get fooled with what you see. Make sure if there is any paint job done on the car. Ask the owner for this and if he hesitates to tell you the truth, you can also check yourself. Check the corners of windows and move your hand along the joint edges and see if you find any toughness. It indicates the left residue which is hid by masking a tape over it. Also try to figure out any scratches, rust spots and dents and negotiate on the basis of this.


Maintenance cost is usually high with sports cars. They are less on mileage and need premium gas. Essentials like tires, alloys and other main accessories are costlier than an ordinary car. Check the service book. It will provide you an accuracy of when the car was serviced last time and whether the owner takes his ride to servicing regularly or not.

So you don’t get yourself in a mess, hire an expert mechanic and let him evaluate the car on various parameters. Being a knowledgeable guy, he will always assist you in a better way.

Ride Quality

The very important aspect to consider while buying an old car is the ride quality. Have a ride of the car and see if it shifts the gears smoothly. Also, not to forget checking the steering and pickup then decide whether you can go for this car or not. Try to have it when the car is cold. There is a lot of difference between testing a standing car and the cold one.

Now comes the balance and alignment of the car. Check whether the car is not moving to a one particular direction and takes you exactly where you want. If it does so, the there may be problem with either the tires or the steering alignments. If you have a mechanic to inspect the vehicle then he may guide you thoroughly.

Inspect the Interiors:

While inspecting the interior of the car, also check the odometer and take readings from it. It says totally a different story of the car then the owner is hiding something from you. make sure all the controls are in working condition. Check for AC/Blower vents, buttons and other controls to ensure your money is worth spending.

Document Checklist

Certification of registration:

Registration Certificate is an important document to check the identity of the owner. It mentions owner name, chassis number, engine number of the car, and other mandatory details which needs to be matched with the details of the person owning that car. If the details are matched, can move ahead! And not to forget the license as well.


if you have decided to go for the car then make sure you transfer the insurance to your name. if you don’t you will fail to claim it in case of an accident. If the insurance is expired or due for renewal, you can negotiate at that point. Also ensure that the care is not more than 15 years old (vary country to country).

Road Tax Receipt

Road tax is paid by the first owner while buying the car. It is a onetime payment and in case if it is not paid, this can have you a penalty of worth thousand dollars.

Considering these things while buying your very own second hand sports car won’t let you in any trouble. Instead, it can save you a lot of money and make you buy your favorite sports car that you will drive on roads for years with price and without any problem.

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